We can’t keep track of our stuff. We’re too quick to loan things out and not organized enough to keep careful track of who has what. Then we make the mistake of promising things to people that we no longer have in our possession and have lost track of who currently has it.

That’s a long-winded way of asking you all: do any of you guys have our stuff? Particularly our ‘Mad Men’ season 2 and our ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ seasons 1-4 DVD sets? Or, if you have these and know they’re borrowed (but not sure whose they are), please contact us, whether by e-mail or in the comments.


Baked Eggs

I got the inspiration for this recipe from my nifty iPod touch app “How to Cook Everything — On The Go.” I’m not crazy about his desserts so far, but this was great for brunch — exactly what I’d hoped: easy, fast, and flexible.

Baked EggsI’m really looking forward to making use of the biggest advantage here: you can bake as many of these as you want and you’re limited only by the number of ramekins at your disposal. It’s hard to serve eight eggs for breakfast simultaneously, but if you bake them, you can do it. Continue reading Baked Eggs