Six Meters and Falling*

view from the Steinerne Brücke North -- P1151436We’ve seen some high water around here, but never like this. The last time it got this high was in 1988.


Rettungsdienst Swimmers - PC181339Rettungsdienst Swimmers - PC181343

Here’s what it looked like about a week ago. This is high; normally the lower pylon platform is exposed, such that the Rettungsdienst swimmer dudes can set up their annual Weihnachtsbaum on it. But it’s not really unusual for it to be that high.

P1151443High is when the upper level of the pylon is nearly submerged.

P1151433Practically overnight temporary barriers popped up all over the place. I guess they work; look at the foot traffic just on the other side of them. These people are not walking on the path: they’re walking through the bushes alongside the path. The path is on the otherside of the wall from them.

For comparison’s sake:

Before This Week
Sorat Hotel view November 2009 Sorat Hotel on Friday
Jahninsel in November 2009. Whatinsel?
Mild flooding Anything but
South Bank path Wait, there’s supposed to be a path there?

Here’s the slideshow, with more images.

*But six meters above what? Measured from where? I haven’t been able to find this crucial piece of information yet. Apparently it crested last night around 18:00 at 6.27m. Whoever made the 6.30m prediction is kicking himself for sure.

7 thoughts on “Six Meters and Falling*”

  1. CN Heidelberg

    Yikes! That’s a lot o’ water!

  2. Jen

    We’ve been wondering about you guys this weekend and hoping you’re OK. These photos are astonishing! Yikes!

    1. cliff1976

      Hey, thanks Jen, we’re fine. It’s been something like 23 years since our street had standing water on it, and even then it wasn’t too terrible (according to our neighbors in this building).

      I just wonder if what Old Man Winter has in store for us; astronomically, we’ve only just begun…

  3. Jul

    Drove through some mildly flooded areas of Scotland today. Apparently high water is the new black.

  4. tqe | Adam

    That’s an impressive amount of water.

    I’m glad you’re dry.

  5. Tammy

    Matthias was saying that the 6 meters is measured from the bottom of the river at the stone bridge (though he didn’t know where at the stone bridge). Usually, the river height is closer to 3 meters or so, for reference.

    1. cliff1976

      Hey, thanks Tammy!

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