First my zodiac sign, now this?!

Sarah: O HAI
me: I am not the man you married anymore…wait, let me amend that.
Sarah: Um. Please.
me: I am not the man you chatted up on ISCA. That was an ENTP. I am now an ENTJ.
Sarah: Oooooh, who are YOU, then, Stranger? What’s the J?
me: “Judging.” As opposed to perceiving.
Sarah: I coulda told you that and saved 60 pieces of paper.
me: thanks dear.
Sarah: You a judgy %$&#.
me: I’m still an extroverted intuitive thinker…Who judges now, instead of perceiving.
Sarah: That’s ok, then. I keep you.
me: thanks. can I put this into a blog post?
Sarah: Sure, that sounds like a good one.