First my zodiac sign, now this?!

Sarah: O HAI
me: I am not the man you married anymore…wait, let me amend that.
Sarah: Um. Please.
me: I am not the man you chatted up on ISCA. That was an ENTP. I am now an ENTJ.
Sarah: Oooooh, who are YOU, then, Stranger? What’s the J?
me: “Judging.” As opposed to perceiving.
Sarah: I coulda told you that and saved 60 pieces of paper.
me: thanks dear.
Sarah: You a judgy %$&#.
me: I’m still an extroverted intuitive thinker…Who judges now, instead of perceiving.
Sarah: That’s ok, then. I keep you.
me: thanks. can I put this into a blog post?
Sarah: Sure, that sounds like a good one.

4 thoughts on “First my zodiac sign, now this?!”

  1. Jul

    I flip between P and J, too, but the first three letters are always the same. That’s fine with me, as long as I get to keep my new zodiac sign. Ophiuchus 4evah!

    1. Sarah

      Ooooooh, you’re the first person I’ve heard from who is pleased about the zodiac thing. Since it’s totally real, and all.

  2. CN Heidelberg

    haha, noooo!
    I’ve had every possible letter result over the last 14 years of taking those, with the exception of S, which I never get. So either the tests are crap or I’m nuts. Don’t answer that.

    1. Sarah

      Yeah, I’ve had a different result every time I’ve taken it. It’s BSPB (bullshit psychobabble).

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