Keeping better track of our stuff with Delicious Library

delicious_library_shelf_screenshotEver wonder where your books and movies have mysteriously disappeared to? You’re pretty sure you’ve lent them out, but are not sure to whom, or by when you’d agreed to get them back? That has been happening to us more and more lately.

Delicious Library can help. This software is so cool, in so many nerdy ways. You get a nice graphical overview of your stuff (images and item details courtesy of various Amazon servers — ca., .com, .de, .uk, etc.). But it’s truly snazzy how the data gets into this program’s database on your Mac: manual keyboard entry, text file importation, or scanning the barcode with your computer’s webcam. How cool is that?

It also can look at your Address Book application and if you tell it to whom you’ve lent something and when it’s due back, it’ll keep track of that for you. It’ll import your iTunes music and videos into your Delicious Library for you effortlessly, if you like. You can organize your library of books, movies, video games, etc., into different “shelves” of your own definition or set up a “Smart Shelf”, which watches your library and automatically adds items to that shelf based on pre-defined criteria. For example, a Smart Shelf based on your items that are currently out on loan. You can also export some or all of your library’s shelves to text files, Excel-compatible files, or even gorgeous HTML pages for displaying on your website. For the truly geeky, you can hook up your own scripts to events in Delicious Library and automate certain tasks (apparently — I haven’t tried this yet).

Delicious Library is what every software wants to be:

  • Intuitive
  • Attractive
  • Innovative
  • Interactive
  • A pleasure to use

Two final thoughts:

  1. It’s only available for Mac OS X; sorry Windows and Linux users.
  2. Unknown, I know you’ve got our Mad Men Season 2 DVDs!

5 thoughts on “Keeping better track of our stuff with Delicious Library”

  1. Frau Dietz

    This is fantastic! It is one of my pet hates, not knowing where so many of my books and CDs have disappeared to. And I’m almost speechless at the brilliance of the scanning tool: I can see me and my laptop sitting next to piles and piles of books spending HOURS plays at Supermarket Checkout Girl ;)

  2. Yelli

    That is awesome!!! Wish I had this in 8th grade!!!

    1. Sarah

      What did you lose in 8th grade?

  3. Yelli

    I realize now my comment doesn’t make much sense without context does it? I blame the no-sleep :)

    Anyways, besides numerous CD’s & books, my most favorite oversized striped sweater. (does this keep track of your clothes too?) It was the early 90’s after all…

    1. cliff1976

      You can use it to keep track of clothing too, and even tools (“who borrowed my drill?”), but the barcode scanning isn’t so great, and at best only works for items sold by Amazon. Not sure if it’s possible or feasible to take your own photos and use them in Delicious Library, but that might be a good solution.

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