WEBMU 2011 — Where?

So. The annual WEBMU — the Whiny Expatriate Blogger Meetup, a weekend of interacting the same people as usual, but IN PERSON, out from behind the relative safety of your keyboard and DSL line.

Where do you think we should have it this year?

Last year was Kleinkleckersdorf. Before that it was Hintertupfing and before that it was Pusemuckel. I’m totally open for Kaff or even jwd.

Scratching your head? These are all different regionalisms* for “the sticks,” “the boonies,” or a just a speck on the map. For the uninitiated: we typically hold the meetup in a city setting, not the German equivalent Mayberry RFD, for ease in public transportation and variety of side-trip activities.

The discussion is going on now at www.expatbloggersingermany.com/meetup/ (look for the WEBMU 2011 forum, or see how 2010 or 2009 turned out). If you blog in English from your adopted home in Germany, come check out our bulletin board. It’s not open to the general public, but it is open to any English-language expatriate blogger in Germany. I personally screen all membership requests and will contact you via the email address you submit with your registration if I’m at all unclear as to your eligibility.

*Thank you so very much, CN Heidelberg, for calling my attention to this awesome site about regionalisms in German-speaking countries.