three guilty pleasures

Two of which are meat-related.

One of which are rhythm-less feet with a heavy conscience.

Let’s start with that one. Sarah was placing a catalog order this evening and got a Wham! song as her hold music. Which reminded me of this:

Meat Point #1:

We bought a KitchenAid mixer a while back and have been experimenting in the meat grinding arena.

Weber baby q100That was great and all, but we really needed a way to grill our ground meat creations. Pan-frying wasn’t cutting it. We bought a small portable gas grill. We tried it out today on one of our town’s several islands in the Danube with great success. There were lots of people out enjoying the weather and grilling their dinner along with plenty of dogs pleased by all the resulting smells. Which brings me to…

Meat Point #2

Thanks Aunt Julie for sending this video our way. We’ve been watching it (and emulating it) for days now and it hasn’t gotten old yet.

4 thoughts on “three guilty pleasures”

  1. The Honourable Husband

    That Aunt Julie is such a smug vegetarian!

  2. Mom

    Just laughed again at the dog video. I love when he says, “yeah?, yeah?” The seriousness is so Nell!


  3. Fiona

    I love the Careless Whispers video. Oh, so good! If the world had more people with guts and sass like that guy, it would be a different place!

    1. cliff1976


      I wonder if the early-mid 80s cheeseball shtick is already passé, however much I still enjoy it and this particular dude’s gumption.

      I have spent a week in Romania and cannot escape “November Rain” — my team is 5-10 years younger than I am, so I wonder if that’s their Club Nouveaux, Wham!, etc. — stuff their older siblings were taping buying as teenagers.

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