WEBMU 2011 Lodging Recommendations are up!

We’re moving right along with the Whiny Expat Bloggers Meetup for 2011, hosted in Cologne by the lovely and talented publishers of the blogs Resident On Earth, Germany Doesn’t Suck, Cheap as Chips and Musiköln Media. If you’re a member of our WEBMU discussion board, click here to jump in and see the recommendations for lodging. They range from hostels to budget rooms to swanky luxury joints and include hints about the neighborhoods and experiences of those in the area. I’m already comparing several promising places’ websites with their listings on booking.com. Often a reservation made there can be canceled hassle- (and penalty) free with very little notice, so even if booking.com doesn’t have a lower price than the one advertised on the hotel website, it might be worth it to be able to reserve and then cancel easily if something better comes along.

The official event doesn’t get underway until the morning of Saturday, October 22nd, 2011. Some folks like to arrive about a day early for a day trip to another attraction in the area. For the Bremen WEBMU in 2008 we checked out the Deutsches Auswanderer Haus. In Munich in 2009, one of the gracious hosts led a biking tour around the city. For the Hamburg meetup in 2010, we trained it south to Lüneburg to admire that city’s salt mining museum and charming Altstadt.

We haven’t decided exactly where the side trip this year will be yet. The candidates are the Aachener Altstadt and the Palaces of Augustusburg and Falkenlust palaces in Brühl.

If you live in Germany (or plan to in the imminent future) and blog in English, and are not a member of the WEBMU discussion board…why not? Head over to http://www.expatbloggersingermany.com/meetup and register yourself. Don’t forget to mention your blog’s address and give us a real email address to which we’ll send your password.

See you there!

2 thoughts on “WEBMU 2011 Lodging Recommendations are up!”

  1. C

    So this is what I get for taking a long break from Cologne? Well, I’m back and I’m hosting :) Can’t wait to see y’all in Carneval town…

    1. cliff1976

      Looking forward to it! Thanks for being a host!

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