Homemade Kansas City Meat Action

We’ve been in Kansas City for the past week or so and have been enjoying local meat. My mother-in-law does these wonderful things called Country Ribs. A quick check at Wikipedia confirms that these probably don’t technically qualify as “ribs” — but who cares? The hard part for reproducing this at home in Germany would be getting the cut of pork necessary. We don’t know how to ask for it in English (other than “Country Ribs”) let alone in German. So maybe we’ll try it with what’s available.

First she marinates them. With magic.

Then onto the grill for a bit, just until the outsides are done.

Then bring ’em back inside for the final phase: baking. She separates them by thickness and size to make sure they all bake evenly — typically the smaller, thinner ribs are done more quickly. Douse with a local barbecue sauce, and bake them until they’ve reached the right internal temperature for pork. Yum! Goes great with scalloped potatoes.

We also got a chance to visit with pals Brian and Mikey. Brian showed off his mastery of the art of discada: essentially a Mexican wok made from repurposed farm equipment and any meat you can think of. Start with bacon on low heat, and use the grease it offers up to cook the rest of your meats in stages: loose chorizo, ground beef, steak chunks, even sliced vienna sausages are in the mix. Every time you get a meat partially cooked, spread it up on the sides of the disco, where the heat is less intense, and let it continue to cook. Between meat stages, bring it all back together in the center periodically to chat. Somewhere along the way, before the chilis and onions made their appearance, Chef Brian added the better part of a bottle of beer. A final touch, when we could barely stand it anymore, was a liberal dosage of taco seasoning. Insert it directly into your mouth if you can’t help it, or if you can manage the restraint, spoon your discada into taco shells with your choice of the usual subjects (guac, sour cream, shredded cheese, pico de gallo, salsa, whatever).

7 thoughts on “Homemade Kansas City Meat Action”

  1. Snooker in Berlin

    Oh PUHLEEZE figure out what to ask for at die Metzgerei, and let me know! I LOVE country-style ribs and actually do a great job on them (even though I don’t do the grill phase, I can see the advantages).The Mexican wok thing looks really interesting.

    1. cliff1976

      Good news, Snooker: this month’s edition of Saveur magazine explains country ribs in detail (among many other BBQ essentials), and Sarah scooped up a copy at the airport. Details to follow!

      1. Snooker in Berlin

        OH COOL!! Welcome back and I’m looking forward to learning more about those delicious ribs!

  2. Harvey Morrell

    Hope you said hello to my brother during your stay in KC. And did you do any comparison BBQ tasting (Gates, Jack’s Shack)?

    1. cliff1976

      I greeted your brother warmly (along with the rest of the metro area) upon our final approach at KCI.

      This trip focused on home-made stuff and one new place: Oklahoma Joe’s was the new place. Gates and Smokestack / Jack Stack are still easily accessible in our taste buds’ memories, partially owing at least to the jars of sauce we smuggled home from last time.

  3. J

    oooooo, yum!

  4. Jen


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