deafening crickets

It’s not that there hasn’t been anything to write about, really! In contrast, there’s probably been too much to write about and too little time to do it since we got back from Kansas City and Oklahoma City.

    We’ve had

  • two different sets of U.S. visitors
  • airport, airline, and luggage follies
  • a rockin’ Regensburger Bürgerfest
  • some unforeseen business travel

…all since the last week of June. Today after work we’re headed off on another weekend adventure — details when we get the chance!

3 thoughts on “deafening crickets”

  1. tqe | Adam

    Glad to hear that life’s been busy and interesting.

  2. Fiona

    It’s a wonderful life! More things to write about than there’s time for– that’s living life to the fullest.

  3. Sarah

    Thanks for putting that cowboy logo up there.

    I love that cowboy logo :)

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