A weekend in Prague with Michigan Matt

Our pal Matt from Michigan came to visit the same week our pals Sara and Luke departed Regensburg for the next legs of their European Adventure. Maybe it was the stress from their travel bleeding over onto his trip, or just having two groups of houseguests in quick succession, but we goofed his arrival date at the Munich Airport. Sarah went down a day early to pick him up — and I’m sorry to say, I think I am culprit here, since my calendar entry for his arrival was on the wrong date and all the rest of the information we had was correct.

Well, he arrived with none of the stress that Sara and Luke had to go through, but as a result of my miscalculation, he got out of a plane, into a bus (to Freising), into a train (to Regensburg), into our apartment, into a bus (to Hertz), into a rental car to Prague. Poor guy — crammed into all those vehicles (he is a tall one, that Matt).

The drive to Prague from Regensburg would have been totally easy and relaxed but for the torrential rain and plentiful one- and two-car accidents we saw lining both sides of the highway. That inspired slow and careful driving on my part. Parking was also slow and careful — I enjoy the occasional highway or back country road trip, but I abhor city driving. But we parked and checked in at our beautiful rental apartment and felt a lot better about all of that after a dark Kozel.

We got as much outdoor stuff in as we could on Saturday, knowing that the rain would catch up with us again on Sunday. So Saturday yielded us all these glorious outdoor pictures, and Sunday was devoted to the Cathedral and the museum complex of Prague castle.

2 thoughts on “A weekend in Prague with Michigan Matt”

  1. J

    I’m surprised that they allowed the rental car to go into CZ. I guess it’s because of how close you live.

    Poor Matt, he was probably asleep as soon as he got in the car.

    Glad you had fun. I love Prague.

    1. cliff1976

      Nope, with Hertz at least (and other companies like Sixt), you can take a car to Eastern Europe if you give them advance warning. They’ll make sure they have a vehicle available for you which belongs to the list of brands and models (e.g., convertible or not) they approve for Eastern European countries. Ours was an Opel, instead of maybe an Audi, etc.

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