Random Scenes of Regensburg

There’s something happening at the renovated building on the corner of Andreasstraße and Stadtamhof where Netto pulled out about two years ago. Looks to us like they’ve removed the step and are rebuilding the entranceway into a … ramp? Perhaps one intended for shopping carts?

This was a great day for sitting out in the sun watching the river cut its slow swath between the islands, and they picked a perfect spot.

I thought this was a kayaker at first glance; didn’t notice until I got home that he’s paddling a surfboard of some kind upstream.

Just downstream from the Schifffahrtsmuseum (I love that triple-f) there were three river cruise ships parked. That’s fine for a weekend. I just hope they’ve all unmoored and motored off with their cargo of bike-path-sheeple before I head into work on Monday.

I keep seeing this guy all over the place in Regensburg — at festivals (of which there are plenty) and just in the course of running errands, like at the grocery store. My nickname for him is The Admiral. I have also seen him in a glorious purple jumpsuit, but no other outfits.

Our Asian market kicks butt!