All aboard for WEBMU 2011!

The lovely and talented CNHeidelberg remarked this week that WEBMU 2011 is fast approaching, like a locomotive, chugging along down the track, which we are powerless to impede.

Speaking of which, you can buy train travel to there from anywhere and back, now that we’re less than 90 days out. It officially gets rolling on Saturday, October 22. If you’re an English-language blogger, living in Germany, come on out and put some faces and voices to those fonts and images you’ve been reading.

For our tranpsortation, we personally were leaning toward flying, thinking that would be cheaper in terms of outright cost or at least time spent traveling, but this turned out not to be the case for us. We’ll be spending perhaps an hour more in transit each way in total, but saving more than 50% off the travel costs associated with air travel for us.

We’ll be training it out Thursday afternoon to Cologne, in plenty of time for the Friday pre-event — whatever that ends up being (a visit to some palaces in Brühl, the Aachener Altstadt, or perhaps some swanky shopping, all hosted by local residents).

Details are on the bulletin board at Register there, if you haven’t already, get access to all the accommodation recommendations and forthcoming agenda. Don’t forget to mention your location in Germany (roughly, at least) and your blog’s URL, so that I can approve your membership.

3 thoughts on “All aboard for WEBMU 2011!”

  1. Holly

    Hi Cliff & Sarah!Sorry to say we’re not going to make it this year :( The hubby will already be back home by then, but I’m staying on a bit longer in Indiana before returning to my language class. Bummed we’re not going to get to meet everyone, but hope you all have a great time! Holly

    1. cliff1976

      Oh, bummer!

      Well, maybe next year then. There are occasional regional happenings among us expatriate bloggers, too. Perhaps those of in Bavaria will get something organized, or even something smaller, like a Franken/Oberpfalz deal.

  2. xiyan

    Cliff and Sarah, how are you doing?
    I haven’t heard of sarah for a long time. So what is she doing recently?

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