Schöne Wadeln

Sarah and I headed down to Munich on Saturday to spend some time with her choir and orchestra in a non-rehearsal type of setting for a potluck picnic/grilling on the Isar Flaucher. On our way down to the Regensburg Hbf to catch a train to Munich Hbf to catch an U-Bahn to walk to the bridge to the picnic island (whew!) a native Regensburger dude walking his two very nice dogs overheard us speaking English to each other and deduced that we’re not natives, despite my Lederhosen bought at the Dult this spring.

“You look nice,” he said gesturing at me and my garb.
“um, thanks!” I responded, if a bit quizzically.
“Nicer than a real Bavarian*.”
In wie fern?” I asked.
Die Wadeln,” he responded.

I raised my eyebrows blankly to signal a new vocabulary word.

“These ones,” he explained as he reached down to pat my exposed calf.

“Ah, danke.”

First time for everything, I guess.

Side notes:

So here are some shots from the Isar Flaucher yesterday with the choir and orchestra people. It was unseasonably cold. I might need to invest in a Weste or Strickjacke for all-weather festivities. Also, the first attempt at grilling our homemade Merguez, based on this recipe but stuffed into lamb casings was pretty much a success — we’d like it to be a little moister, which might mean more fat in the mix next time (meaning we’ve got to get friendly with a local lamb-supplied butcher; this batch was with pre-ground imported New Zealand lamb).

*For the very international-fashion-aware: that shirt I’m wearing is not Bavarian or otherwise Alpy at all (but I think it works well with the ‘hosen). Know what it is and where it’s from?