It takes all kinds at the Regensburg Dult

What I love most about the Dult, our twice-per-year carnival in Regensburg, is the people watching. Sure, there are some other perks — fair food, scary rides (owing to their ricketiness, if you ask me), ponies (who doesn’t love ponies!?). Some who’ve visited with me have noted my peculiar attraction to the housewares stands (see those giant wooden spoons below?).

But the Dult brings everyone out, kind of like Cedar Point in the Midwest USA, if that means anything to you. And I get to take inventory.

3 thoughts on “It takes all kinds at the Regensburg Dult”

  1. TravelingServiceMan

    I think you jinxed it. 2 days after you point out how rickety the rides are, there is an accident on one at the folksfest in Hemau! Tsk tsk.

    I once had this weird coincidence in the Asian restaurant in REZ where the waitress put the plates on one of those tea-light burner things and I was looking at the lowest plate and thinking what a stress it has to deal with because of the point heating in the center and the cooling from its surroundings on the edge. As I was thinking this the plate broke. Since then, I try not to think of these things where my life depends on it (jet engine attachment on the wings of aircraft while I am inside, linchpins and whatnot on carousels and other rides, etc, etc).

  2. Ann

    LOVE it! We were just talking about Cedar Point while at the Dult today (I’m blogging about it now – the Dult, not America’s Roller Coast).

  3. Klara Nekulova

    Ponies on Regensburger Dult should be not allowed. The living conditions for them on Dult are not like it should be.
    Please, do not support the owner of the poor ponies.

    Thank you for reading.

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