Help on Hong Kong, please!

200px Hong Kong SAR Regional Emblem svgNeed some help here.

After living in Central Europe for nearly eight years and taking advantage of all the neat travel opportunities, we’re tippy-toeing into some of the rest of the world, starting with Hong Kong in February 2012. Emirates had a special on some airfare, Sarah found us a not-too-shabby deal on, and we’ve pulled the trigger.

So what should we do while we’re there? Your advice is most welcome!

Points to ponder:

  • Sarah’s never been to Asia before, but I have been to three cities in China now on business.
  • We picked Hong Kong sorta because we’re hoping to get a little semi-Asian experience under our belts before diving into some other place less accessible to Westerners with not a lick of Chinese among them.
  • We’ll be there after the Chinese New Year happens for just about a week.
  • We’re staying in Kennedy Town at a hotel. No idea yet on how to get there from the airport; we’re grateful for any suggestions.

10 thoughts on “Help on Hong Kong, please!”

  1. J

    I wish I could, but I’ve never been to Hong Kong. Glad to see you two are venturing out to Asia on vacation.

  2. The Accidental Expat

    Will try to glean some info from a cargo pilot friend (who stays there for weeks at a time), as well as B (who’s been through there, albeit on the way to someplace else)… but for the nonce, please track down the recent HK episode from Anthony Bourdain’s new Travel Channel show “The Layover” which a resourceful expat with an internet connection can find easily enough (cough cough, if you get my meaning). HK is one of Tony’s favorite places, and you get some real insider tips (including transport options). If you’re not familiar with the program, the basic premise is that if you had a 24-48 hour layover in a city with a major connecting airport, what you could do– it’s a condensed, tightly packed “No Reservations” in other words.


  3. ian in hamburg

    Bear in mind that I haven’t been there since 5 days after the handover to China (!) but I did stay there for a while – better part of 4 years, so my favourites would be:

    A week is a perfect length of time to enjoy it all and then say WHEW! Glad I’m outta there.

    The fish restaurants on Lamma island (since you’re such foodies!) They’re on the nicer side of the island away from the power plant.

    The Wan Chai wet market.

    Sai Kung waterfront. (more market and fish restaurants). You could also take the bus to the end of the line past Sai Kung and walk around a bit. Great countryside.

    Take the tram to The Peak and make time for a good walk around the circular pathway. Stunning views on a clear day, though I’ve heard the pollution wafting over from the Guangzhou factories has become a major problem.

    Take the elevator up Wan Chai tower. (glass view going up.)

    Cliff – for you only: take a whizz in the men’s at the restaurant bar at the top of the Peninsula hotel. (another glass view)

    Walk around Central at noon on a weekday just to get lost in the crowd.

    Take the bus to Stanley – great countryside again.

    The HK airport website should give you a lot of info on how to get to your hotel. There is a train service connecting the subway system to the airport, and I do believe they have a London Oyster-style payment system. If there’s a week-long deal get it for sure, because you’ll use public transport a lot. Don’t be shy about taking a taxi for hops around town though – they’re way cheaper than German taxis, or at least they used to be.

    If anything more pops to mind, I’ll let you know!

  4. CN Heidelberg

    I’m hungry just thinking about Hong Kong. I asked a friend from there if she had any tips – she might post here or if she emails me I’ll pass it on!

  5. ann

    I just saw a small travel show on Saturday on Hong Kong –
    No idea if it will be rebroadcast or if it is available online. They also mentioned Lamma island.
    The things they were showing were really impressive – have a wonderful time planning and taking your trip!

  6. ann

    Ahh – here we go. Apologies for not posting the links like a grown-up, but I’m a bit of a technophobe – (part 1, 2 & 3)

  7. Sarah

    Oh my goodness! Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! I love how specific the tips are – that’s so helpful.

  8. Tammy

    It sounds like there will be lots of opportunities to eat fish :-) Should be an interesting trip for you Sarah. I look forward to hearing how Cliff enjoyed the fresh fish.

    1. Sarah

      Yeah, I’ll cope. I really appreciate vegetarian options when it comes to fish- and seafood-abundant locales.

  9. Andrew

    I’m sorry I am seeing this so late. I am SOO behind on my feedreader. I was just there in December.
    Ian has a really good list. I’ll add the Mid-Level escalators just for the “huh, they built escalators outside” factor. And the harbor tour with a junk.

    I was literally there for only a day. I loved it. Hope you have (had?) a great week there.

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