Almost on a whim last week I decided to sign up for a day trip down to Austria with the ski club at work, since some local pals were going, and it had been a while since I’d hit the slopes (can it really have been six years already?!). It was sponsored by Radio Charivari and Reisebüro Venus here in Regensburg. The price was €40,50 for transportation down to the mountains and back and an all-day lift ticket. Not bad, I thought. Then when we arrived at the gondola to take us up the hill, I saw that the going rate for an all-day lift ticket was €37. Meaning, essentially I got a ride down to the mountains and back for €3,50 — can’t beat that!

I took a few pictures while there. Still digging that Olympus E-PL2 (and its art filters) and the f/1.7 aperture lens I bought for it. Renewed thanks to Herr J of Ye Olde for both those recommendations.

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2 thoughts on “Steinplatte”

  1. Frau Dietz

    I think I’d be pretty happy with my new camera if I’d taken those shots too! Very nice. And I’m most envious about the skiing; it’s been about six years since I last went too…

    1. cliff1976

      The snow was good — nice and fresh — but the weather was not ideal. Lots of wind and near whiteout conditions at a couple points during the day.

      I very much enjoyed the company of my fellow skiers, but I am not sure I want to do that again any time soon. I think I need to replace my boots — I’ve got blisters and rashes on my shins and calves.

      I’ve heard good things about using these day trip deals to get down to some skiing mountains for the purpose of a winter hike from hut to hut. Maybe I’ll try that next time.

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