Sunday, Floody Sunday

Sarah actually took these pictures on a Saturday. Close enough!

No Jahninsel visible anymore:

The Weenie Shack® has its protective barrier up:

4 thoughts on “Sunday, Floody Sunday”

  1. tqe | Adam

    Holy Cow!

    That looks massive…

  2. Anne

    wow, crazy! Looks like you got some snow too!

  3. cliff1976

    The water got even higher on Sunday / Monday. I wonder if it’s dropped by now, since it only rained a little yesterday.

    The snow hasn’t been sticking, so there’s not even any aesthetic value to it. This is the ugliest time of year for Regensburg. Bah.

  4. Mom

    Michigan, too, normally. It’s what makes skiing in Utah or sunning in Puerto Vallarta so gosh-darned lovely. Sun!

    Miss you-

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