KitchenAid Customer Service reputation well-deserved!

For Christmas this year my sister and brother-in-law gave us an attachment for our KitchenAid mixer which had been on our list for quite some time: the ice cream maker. We’d been having problems with store-bought varieties going soft on us — even the upscale brands like Mövenpick and Langnese.

So we thought we’d give it a go making our own ice cream. Sis & BIL were kind enough to provide the necessary equipment (accordingly, they got some sausage-making attachments from us)… or so they thought! The box and instructions inside it both state that the KICA model Ice Cream Maker Stand Mixer attachment is compatible with all [emphasis mine] KitchenAid brand stand mixer models.

Lo and behold, after returning to Regensburg from Michigan, it was not so. Obviously there are different stand mixer versions (owing to different electrical systems around the world), but they don’t all have the same planetary drive hardware, which is critical to the design of the KICA “dasher” (the paddle which churns the ice cream batter for you).

We weren’t the only ones to have discovered this. Google searches quickly brought us to‘s post on exactly this topic. We didn’t really want to shell out for replacement parts without an assurance from KitchenAid that we wouldn’t be voiding the warranty, so we tried our luck contacting KitchenAid through three avenues:

KitchenAid Ice Cream MakerLive customer chat with KitchenAid USA was a bust; since we live in Germany, we were referred to the support avenues on I gave it an honest try, but the only contact method was via telephone, and I was not willing to call them. Fortunately, we got answers back both via Twitter and email, and Cheryl C., KitchenAid’s Digital Detective, was immediately on the case. Just twelve days later the replacement parts we needed to make our cool, creamy dreams come true arrived, and everything worked just as (originally intended).

Today was the testing of the first batch. Absolutely yummy! Big, big thanks to the Schwester+BIL and Cheryl C. for making that customer reputation well-deserved!

7 thoughts on “KitchenAid Customer Service reputation well-deserved!”

  1. Mom

    Looks delicious! We try to add a banana or peach to every bowl just to say we are eating more fruit… but isn’t it fun to just have your own, real cream ice cream???!!! What? We’re out of guar gum? No stabilizers? Who cares!

  2. Ohmy. We have had our KitchenAid mixer since we got married, and use it several times a week. I had NO idea there was an ice cream maker attachment. Something to add to the wishlist…

    1. cliff1976

      It only became feasible for us after upgrading our tiny college-dorm-sized fridges’ (we have two) shoebox freezers to a decent chest/cabinet freezer.

      Now we can get our homemade ice cream on within about 16 hours (mostly to chill the freeze bowl). Plus, plenty of room to store a full-sized turkey and our homemade pasta — more on that to come…).

  3. Ahhhh…European living! Having a small fridge is one thing that would be a very difficult adjustment for me. I like to be stocked up! Screens on the windows, too. I’d have to have customs made. Oh, and for SURE I’d have to have my own mattress. European mattresses are something special. A few years ago, when the economy went to crap, my husband lost his job. We seriously considered moving to my family’s farm in Ireland…I have dual citizenship, so I wouldn’t be a problem visa-wise…and I could work as a midwife if I had to. But I spent a lot of time thinking about what I’d have to bring with me to remain the comfortably spoiled American I am! :P I *was* thrilled about the big Aga stove in the kitchen! Maybe it’s Ireland, but come to think of it, my family all have decent sized fridges…it’s just our friends in the Netherlands who have micro fridges in their kitchens.

    I think, though, that 16 hours isn’t too long to wait for homemade ice cream to order! And yes, do tell more about the pasta. Especially if it’s with the pasta attachment. We were gifted with TWO meat grinding attachments for our mixer when we got married, and I had registered for a grinding attachment AND a pasta attachment(which I will actually get a chance to use in the next year or two, with the advent of our little farm…), but what I was *really* jonesing for was the pasta making attachment.

  4. cliff1976

    And yes, do tell more about the pasta. Especially if it’s with the pasta attachment.

    In brief:

    • We got this set for Christmas from my parents, and
    • First results with the basic egg noodle recipe, cut into fettucine, were awesome.

    I plan on experimenting more this weekend. Stay tuned!

  5. Michael Frost

    I don’t know if Cheryl still works there, but I contacted “”, but they simply gave me the part number to order. I then contacted regular support through the website and they hooked me up.

    1. cliff1976

      Glad to hear it worked out for you!

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