Donaumarkt, Regensburg’s farmers’ market

One of my weekly joys is a Saturday morning stroll along our island and over a bridge to the south bank of the Danube to scout for groceries. There are lots of local producers represented there: family-run dairies, butchers, bakers, and vegetable farmers, along with a few beekeepers and herbmongers. Some of them are pure-organic producers, too. It took us a couple years of living in Regensburg’s Altstadt before we stumbled upon it. I don’t think that’s because it’s any sort of a well-kept secret (indeed, there are murmurs of uprooting this market and moving it elsewhere in town), but rather because there’s not trace of it come Saturday afternoon.

To help you warm up, or wake up (whatever the case may be), Moccafee has a tiny mobile outdoor coffee shop set up.

And if you’re very good at the butcher stand, you might even get a little reward for your behavior.

For now, at least, you can find it (nearly?) every Saturday morning on the south bank of the Danube just east of the Eiserne Brücke. The rest of the week, it’s plain old parking lot on Hunnenplatz. Get there early for the widest selection and best ease of browsing. It gets crowded pretty quickly after 9:30 and could well be deserted by noon.

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8 thoughts on “Donaumarkt, Regensburg’s farmers’ market”

  1. Frau Dietz

    My (somewhat irregular) Saturday trip to the market is my (infrequent) highlight of the week too. Unfortunately, the Wiesbaden market is a rather fancy, expensive affair (bar the meat and eggs, which are excellent value) and I’m generally far too lazy to head over to Mainz on a Saturday market to get local vegetables at a decent price. More fool me, probably.

  2. German Gems

    Aaahhh, one of the joys of life in Germany. We love visiting markets, especially when we travel to see what the locals eats. Always something interesting.

    1. cliff1976

      I don’t think there was anything particularly Regensburg-specific at the market this weekend, or any weekend for that matter — but I sure know what you mean: our favorite tourist activity is shopping the (super)markets in a new city. Sometimes we even come home to Regensburg with new kitchen implements: an apple corer from Edinburgh, a rotary cheese grater from Erfurt, an empty resealable bottle from Veneto for the olive oil we imported from Lucca…or just bags of rice and noodles from Hong Kong. We find the variation in product selection and especially the similarities to familiar markets fascinating.

  3. Mom

    Must be genetic! That’s one of my favorite travel quirks: whether I need something or nothing, I love to hit the grocery stores. I check out the layout, the kinds of stuff a housewife must buy, the produce arrangements, everything. Gramps does, too.


  4. xiyan

    I do love to go to the market, but most Saturdays I could not get up so early 。:(
    However, I will try this Saturday. :)
    best wishes

    1. Sarah

      Hey, if you can make it, great. If not, I’ve e-mailed you some alternative dates.

  5. cliff1976

    I will be there, and I hope Sarah will join me. I am trying for 9:00. Maybe we’ll see you! Happy Shopping!

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