Let the Beer Gardening begin

The weather’s been nice enough for beer garden visits for months now, but I tend to think of the kick-off of the Maidult (Regensburg’s Spring Festival) as the true opening of the season. Yesterday, pleased to be able to get out of work at a reasonable time, I zipped home on my bike, changed my clothes, and we headed out into the street to watch the parade of local clubs marching onto our island toward the Dultplatz. Then it was just a few steps further over to the Spitalgarten for dinner.

I’m not sure what the deal with the Zombie Bride & Groom was, or what their association with Regensburg’s Youth Wind Ensemble was.

All ages of Trachten-wearers were represented.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Ever seen muskets like these?

A horse-drawn carriage rounded the corner, and its passengers started flinging stuff at the observers on the street. The woman next to us caught a fish of some sort.

That made us hungry, so we continued on for dinner, enjoying the ambience.

Yesterday evening was just about perfect: about 75°F, with a light breeze to keep the heat from the sun from building up. Today, however, is a completely different story: cold, rainy, blustery. Take advantage of good beer garden days whenever you can!

7 thoughts on “Let the Beer Gardening begin”

  1. Harvey Morrell

    Color me neidisch (green).

    1. cliff1976

      Du kannst jederzeit besuchen kommen!

  2. Mom

    Man, I really thought you were talking about growing hops, or barley, or some other beer-related produce, with the title you used.

    But your version of gardening looks like fun, too.


    1. cliff1976

      Hi Mom,
      Yeah, sorry to have gotten your hopes up. In other news, our basil plant is still going strong, such that we had to make tomato-basil pizza tonight to cull some blog strong leaves off our plant. We’ve got a new favorite crust. More on that later.

  3. Steven

    Yay for beer gardens!

    I have also only just discovered the delight that is cola-weizen. Incredibly yummy.

    1. cliff1976

      I don’t think I’ve ever tried a cola-weizen. I’ve done Kölsch-Cola, and I enjoy a Radler or a Russen, but Cola-Weizen would be a new one for me (even after all these years).

      Where does one order such a thing? Got a favorite haunt?

      1. Steven

        The one I had yesterday at http://bistro-rosarium.de/ was delicious. And their breakfast menu looked amazing.

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