Le Jour du Grand Prix…

Or the Eurovision final approacheth!

We’re in a particular, perennial pile-up of post-easter holidays right now. It starts with Good Friday (Karfreitag), which careens into Easter Sunday and Monday, then in the middle is International Labor Day (Tag der Arbeit – always May 1). We’re in the bad patch now, with Ascension last week (Christihimmelfahrt), then Pentecost on the 28th (Pfingsten, another Sunday-Monday combo) and finally, Corpus Christi (Fronleichnam, or ‘happy cadaver’ as the direct translation would suggest) on June 7th. All days when everything is closed and, often, when your whole doctor’s office or Kindergarten takes two weeks off.

Luckily, in that tangle of bank holidays, dwells a shining example of European taste and style that must have contributed to coining the term ‘eurotrash.’ The Eurovision Song Contest! I’m holding out to watch the finals with no prior knowledge of who made the semi-finals. Plus, last year was unspeakably dull – I think there was a glut of ballads, or some other fun-killers (Seriously, next time you’re at karaoke, and some drama queen decides to bust out Jewel’s ‘Foolish Games,’ watch everybody get up and go to the bathroom or refresh their drinks). But when late May rolls around, I feel a lack of tacky in my diet and always give it another chance. With memories like these, how could I not go back?

Even (especially) if you’ve heard it, watch it for the sing-along subtitles.

A taste of Eastern Europe. It really gets going at 0:34.

I have GOT to get to Moldova.

Again, Moldova brings it. Now I legitimately like this one, as I’m a sucker for Eastern European/Klezmer horns. It starts to kick ass at 0:31.

I told you I like those horns. Also, golden Slavic anime pixies.

I guess this is a thing that the Irish like. This is the second year for these fools.

And if you’re very lucky, sometimes you get something you could not have imagined…

5 thoughts on “Le Jour du Grand Prix…”

  1. Harvey Morrell

    Those subtitles are priceless. Thank you for that.

    1. Sarah

      It was a nice surprise. I’m still Lena’ed out after two years, but those subtitles were worth posting.

      I forgot how much I love that Verka Serduchka thing at the end of the post. Like a Ukrainian disco fever dream starring Mrs. Doubtfire in her clubbing gear.

      1. CN Heidelberg

        Last they had Lena singing during the vote-counting and I had the impression that even Lena (now rocking a Lana del Rey look) is Lena’ed out!

        Awesome post! Jedward kills me. This is the first year I’ve watched the semifinals, only because I am afraid I’ll miss part of the finals tomorrow due to some other stuff I have to do.

        1. Sarah

          Good planning, then. I hope you get to catch the end of it; you deserve closure.

          I’m looking forward to the Russian grannies. I saw them a couple of months ago and they were totally delightful!
          Much better than what Russia usually offers.

  2. Mom

    These are reminders that there is more weirdness in the world than I can keep track of. You’ve really pegged the Mrs. Doubtfire disco number. Thanks for a good chuckle, Sarah.


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