Experimental Pizzas: Barbecue Chicken & Indian Spice

Here’re the results of our experiments with the basic no-knead pizza dough.

Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Smokestack sauce is my favorite non-human thing to visit Kansas City (Sarah prefers Gates or Rosedale, but I am partial to the slightly sweeter flavor of Smokestack and Fiorella’s Jack Stack). Our jar hasn’t seen much use lately, so we put it together with some leftover parts from the latest batch of homemade chicken broth. (Side note: it’s kinda weird to think of the white and dark meat as the “leftovers” and the skin, bones, fat and cartilage of a chicken carcass as the sought-out ingredients…but there it is). Just three toppings and the sauce here: rotisserie chicken meat, thinly sliced green onions, and fresh mozzarella di bufala. We were a bit unsure about the thickness of the dough, so we let it bake for almost the entire prescribed time. That resulted in some charring. We could have been more generous with the sauce, too — it was a little dry. However, most of the pizza stayed edible…so I’m still counting it as a success.

Indian Spice Pizza

Our second direction of culinary travel today was east. We had a big pot of dal left over from a recent meal and a few green onions from the previous pizzperiment. A light dusting of garam masala and the requisite BufMozz were the last additions. The next time we make this, if we don’t have any Mozzarella di Bufala handy, homemade paneer might be the way to go.

Sarah snagged us some cilantro, which we applied after broiling so as not to char its delicate leaves. This was excellent. We didn’t overdo the broil time, this time. The crust probably needed to bake just a minute or two longer, but we were gunshy after the charred chicken pie. Loved, loved, loved the extra hit from the garam masala and the brightness the fresh cilantro added. I am pretty sure we’ll be making too-large batches of dal from now on (oh, darn, leftovers….).

2 thoughts on “Experimental Pizzas: Barbecue Chicken & Indian Spice”

  1. Anne

    Those look so tasty! I’ve had tandoori chicken pizza but never thought of using dal. I bet pizza would work really well with that dish (I forget the name) of paneer in a tomato-based creamy sauce.

    Enjoying seeing your pizza experiments….hoping for a thai chicken/peanut sauce one soon!

    1. cliff1976

      You might get your wish, Anne! Much like our custom Indian cooking course at the local VHS, my office buddy is organizing one for Thai cuisine. I expect to throw on a cape (er…apron), wave a magic wand (or chopstick) and come back well versed in saucery.

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