Hit the (prosthetic? toe) nail on the head

Sort of a belated Fourth of July thing happening this weekend brought us to pals Jentry and Markus’ parents’ place in Hirschau for an evening of grilling and breeze shooting with a number our English-language Regensburg peeps. Note: it’s interesting to see how the alliances flesh out at one of these types parties when you’ve got Northern-Irish-married-to-Irish, American, and English types present for an independence celebration (I would have enjoyed some other colonial representation in the mix, but maybe next year). We rented a car and drove up. I almost parked in front of this sign (pictured). At the start of the evening I would have been an inconsiderate, improper driver, but by the end of the evening, I would have qualified for that parking spot a tiny bit more.* The squeamish are advised to continue reading the rest of this post at their own risk!
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