A few months ago, we decided to check out a corner of Germany we’d not yet explored: Ostfriesland. (Rest assured, there are plenty more corners in Germany to explore.) Turns out, that was pretty good thinking. The air in Regensburg was thick and moist and very resistant to movement. Quite the opposite of what we’ve found up here in Greetsiel. We drove around the first couple of days in the rain, trying not to get my toe too wet, taking walks and snapping pictures when the weather permitted it.

We’re not mountain people, by any means, but this place is oddly f l a t. Still, the towns are cute, the constant breeze is pleasant, and the change of scenery is welcome.

2 thoughts on “Greetsiel”

  1. CN Heidelberg

    What….did I know you guys own the umbrella of my dreams?! :) (Actually I want a fold-up one …but all the rainbow ones I’ve found were the non-foldy kind.)

    Beautiful pictures! They give me a strange tea craving…

    1. cliff1976

      That’s a pretty specific dream, CN.

      Did you try any of the Sanddorn-based tea varieties while up here? Seems like this place is drowing in tea.

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