Kire ka Raita

It’s kinda redonkulous how easy this recipe is. We first made it at our cooking course a few months ago.

500 g yogurt
half a cucumber
ground cumin

Grate the cucumber. Drain out most/all the liquid. Mix in with the other ingredients. Serve cold.

See what I mean? That’s it. Dead easy. Here are my ingredient modifications:

250 g Greek-style yogurt
a big cucumber
ground cumin
pinch (freshly) ground cardamom
pinch of some kind of ground hot red pepper (cayenne, paprika, whatever)

I like it heavier on the cuke flavor and with a bit more zing to it, so I go big on the cumin and the pepper. Be careful with that cardamom — it can take over very easily (and if that’s what you want, rock on). I shredded the cuke with our KitchenAid and then let the shreds drain in a colander for twenty or thirty minutes, squeezing them occasionally.

We usually count on the raita at indian restaurants to cool off a mouth on fire, when we can convince the waiter that we’re not German and can handle a proper vindaloo — which is not every time.

3 thoughts on “Kire ka Raita”

  1. Scott

    That sounds remarkably similar to the recipe for Tzatziki I got from a co-worker with a Greek husband (with garlic instead of cumin and cardamom). The more fat in the yoghurt the better it tastes, but since we try to eat low-fat we usually ignore that advice. BTW salt will help dehydrate the shredded cucumbers more quickly.

  2. cliff1976

    Hmm, how is that garlic prepared, Scott? Squished through a garlic press? Chopped? Minced? Sauteed lightly in olive oil? Otherwise cooked? Whole cloves, raw?

    I am intrigued and always willing to get more garlic into my mouth.

  3. Scott

    Raw garlic, minced or pressed, the more the merrier!

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