Have I mentioned (lately) how nice my commute is?

The first 850m are the best.

I guess all the rain in the evenings and the full sun all day are making it extra green. What’s to keep me from setting up a mobile office in the shade of this tree and working from right there?

4 thoughts on “Have I mentioned (lately) how nice my commute is?”

  1. TravelingServiceMan

    My wife and I were just discussing this, that Regensburg is such a nice place to be. We’re definitely staycation types and are happy that our staycation is in the Regensburg area where quite a lot of people take a vacation at.

    1. cliff1976

      I hate to sound like a Grumpy Gus here, TSM — but there is a downside to this aspect of Regensburger Leben you mentioned for us Einwohner here, too.

      Literally boatloads of slow-moving tourists step off their river cruiseliner and into the bike paths, the Fußgängerzone, and occasionally even the Kassenschlangen, gumming up the works. It wouldn’t be a problem at all if they were out and about in small groups, around which I can cycle or otherwise avoid. But fighting through a group of 30 of them, all blind to pedestrian traffic routes and deaf to the sound of a bike bell (even if they can hear well, they’ve usually got their headphones on to hear the tour guide narrative).

      But it’s not so bad a trade-off, I guess. We could live somewhere ugly or boring.

      1. TravelingServiceMan

        Go on, let it out. I guess in that sense I am lucky that every week I have a different commute and none of them are in riding distance. And being a bit outside of Regensburg in a little Kurort, helps me avoid the slow-moving tourists unless I really want to be in the city.

        I do understand your pain, though. I go through the airport about once every two weeks flying to somewhere and because my boss is Schwäbisch, there will be no business class unless I get a free upgrade, so I invariably get stuck in a mass of people who do not understand the concepts of FILO, believe that in spite of all the warnings to the contrary, they can still get on board with a ‘carry-on’ that would make a professional baggage handler cringe, and at the end of the flight, still do not comprehend FILO and think that they can disembark even though the jetway still has not been connected.

        Ah, but we each have our little bugbears.

  2. Mom

    What a peaceful, calming setting. Sure, you could work there. Propose it! Or maybe the UN could schedule a meeting there and resolve some critical issue under the influence of the dappled shade and the soft river whispering.

    Lovely photo.


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