Bitte haben Sie mit dem Wetter etwas GeDULT

Regensburg’s annual fall festival — the Dult — kicked off last night with some pretty sloshy weather, but that didn’t keep the crowds away.

It was a great opportunity for a Radlermaß and pretzel to close out the work week.

The rain kept coming down, and we had to remind ourselves that it was actually quite a welcome change from the sticky, muggy weather we’d been having all week.

Nevertheless, I was glad these ponies didn’t have to work in the rain.

6 thoughts on “Bitte haben Sie mit dem Wetter etwas GeDULT”

  1. CN Heidelberg

    Yum, I want that giant pretzel!

  2. Steven

    I do love the giant pretzels.

  3. Tammy

    love the title :-)

    We went this morning and Matthias had a noontime Mass. Apparently, no one shows up at the Dult that early. It was quite pleasant and chilled. Took the kids on a few rides and enjoyed a coffee before most people showed up.

  4. […] of them drove over to pick us up, which was nice, but the parking situation, especially now that the Dult is in full swing, was not. Try to arrive on foot or bike if you can. Of course, this also allows a […]

  5. TravelingServiceMan

    Did you actually go on the Flipper? My daughter talked me in to accompanying her and I am still feeling the effects. The Breakdance felt like a kinderkarusel in comparison when we went on that directly after. Ugh. Am I getting old?

    For parking if you are coming from farther away, there is a big dirt parkplatz in front of the Courtyard-Marriott next to the fitness club across the river. You can also get lucky and find a free parking space along the street in front of the fitness club (don’t park at the club itself, they get really testy about that).

  6. cliff1976

    Heck no!

    I like going on rides at bigger amusement parks (Cedar Point-style stuff, if that means anything to you), but the littler rides generally don’t do it for me.

    Good tip about the parking, thanks!

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