Two new Biergarten discoveries

This week the weather finally calmed down enough to allow us to enjoy some new (to us) Biergartens Biergärten traditional outdoor dining options: the Spitalkeller and the Weltenburger am Dom.

We met up with some work peeps of mine at the Spitalkeller on Thursday evening. One of them drove over to pick us up, which was nice, but the parking situation, especially now that the Dult is in full swing, was not. Try to arrive on foot or bike if you can. Of course, this also allows a much richer beverage experience.

The joint was pretty full and the service was not fast, but I had a lovely half a roast duck and the best Semmelknödel of my life, to date. There is a small playground on the premises to tucker out the youngsters, including a screened-in trampoline (which still screams LAWSUIT at me, but maybe it’s worth the risk).

Why then, was it empty? Because everyone else knew we were about to get soaked.
The other new place is the Weltenburger am Dom. You find it, as the name would imply, directly across from the Cathedral at the center of town. We were heading back toward our apartment for the evening after a stroll around town to snag some kitchen equipment from local pal Penny, whom we hadn’t seen since The Magic Toenail Incident. Hunger struck and we stopped in. The clouds in the night sky were a little ominous, but moving quickly, so we had high hopes of the faint drizzle blowing over. Which it did, bringing in the full-on downpour. We shifted indoors, where we resumed drooling over Sarah’s Schnitzel encrusted with pretzel breadcrumbs and Händlmaier’s sweet mustard. Ever had Snyder’s of Hanover pretzel chips? Think of a Schnitzel made out of that.

It helps that we live at almost precisely the midpoint between these two fine establishments, but even if we didn’t, more visits to both are in order. The Spitalkeller even has a traditional deep basement beer storage chamber and theater on site. Hit their website for the performance schedule.

3 thoughts on “Two new Biergarten discoveries”

  1. The Accidental Expat

    Sorry Cliff & Sarah, too damn lazy to send an email– heard you were pondering Rome? We stayed here over the Christmas that the Pope got mugged, and it was walking distance to just about everything worthwhile– in the case of the Vatican it was a HEALTHY walk, but all the same, this may be worth investigating:

    And bone up on your Bourdain– Tony’s show “The Layover” had a great primer for a whirlwind Roman holiday. DK guidebooks are the bomb-diggety as well.



    1. Sarah

      Hey g,

      Thanks for the suggestions! The hotel looks pretty fab, but we might put that one in our back pockets – we’re looking for an apartment. But I’ll be all over the Bourdain business. We’ve learned our lesson about eating in Italy: go with recommendations and a plan of attack.

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