Donaumarkt moved slightly further south to Alter Kornmarkt

Regensburg’s Donaumarkt is, as I have written before, one of my weekend joys. Due to construction at its usual spot down on the riverbank, it has had to move Alter Kornmarkt — at least temporarily. Will it end up there permanently? How long into the autumn season will it continue to run?

We took a stroll this morning to the Donaumarkt’s new home on Alter Kornmarkt, in the shadow of the Dom Sankt Peter. It seemed just as happily chaotic as ever, with all kinds of people doing their weekly shopping or sampling new stuff. We think we like the new layout of the market even better than the old one: the old one had more or less just two major lanes for browsers, and the foot traffic often congested. The new layout reminds us more of a spiral walkway, with inner and outer lanes, and that seems a little denser but nevertheless more efficient.

Anyway, the fall fruits and vegetables are definitely ready now.

I figure this must be the last gasp for flowers like these, presuming they’re grown locally:

3 thoughts on “Donaumarkt moved slightly further south to Alter Kornmarkt”

  1. Tammy

    Oh! Good to know! Maybe we can make a date for next weekend. I am still recovering from Assisi, so I took things slowly this morning.

    1. cliff1976

      You’ll have to check it out for us — we’re expecting visitors from Michigan to arrive at MUC in the early afternoon, so we’re going to miss it next week.

      Week after next, maybe!

  2. Mom

    Those are fall bloomers but they may be around a while longer. Aren’t the colors vivid? And I love the “rosenkohl”: How appropriate!


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