All Hallows Eve approacheth…

“What do you mean you never heard of a Man-Witch?”
Every year it seems a bit more pervasive, and a bit closer to what I deem fit to call “real Halloween.”

Skeletons and skulls? Check. Castles and headstones? Germany’s got that without even trying. Throw in a little spooky lightning for good measure.

But there are a couple bonus items here Germany has thoughtfully brought to the table. At first I thought it was Jorge from Germany’s Next Top Model, but since there are no heels, it must be a garden-variety Man-Witch. Bummer, because I am sure Jorge would have plenty of advice for marching down the runway in magenta crepe-paper skirts and matching wigs.

And check out this wicked rat! For just 24,95€ he can scare off (or more probably, consume with demonic rage) those pesky neighbor kids. This is not a familiar aspect of the Halloween scene, but one that I dig.

4 thoughts on “All Hallows Eve approacheth…”

  1. Tammy

    I just clicked on Jorge’s website. He actually has a line called “chica walk!” Love it. I miss Top Model.

  2. Heather

    If you’re in need of a rat for Halloween, I have an easy way to save yourself 25 Euros. Just come up here and hang out near the station after dark… rumor has it that Nuremberg has a bit of a rat problem these days…

  3. Alex @ ifs ands & Butts

    Ha love Heather’s comment. I do feel like I see way too many rats in Germany. But they also aren’t quite as nasty

    1. cliff1976

      Whoa…that must mean you have experience with nasty(-er) rats somewhere else!?

      What do they do elsewhere?

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