‘Tis the season?

Look closely at these pictures. What kind of business is putting up this display?

Now, I love me some meat. I cook with it regularly and I’m not particularly squeamish about it (here’s proof). But this struck me as somewhat macabre. Not to mention confusing. What is going on here? Goose-o-ween? Feast Day of Our Lady of the Pork Chop?

Merry Beefmas?

By the way, it’s an optical shop. Notice all the glasses laying around. I wonder what the marketing department is expecting for an end-of-year bon(e)us.

5 thoughts on “‘Tis the season?”

  1. Alex @ ifs ands & Butts

    Ummm whattt were these people thinking? I’m like you, no fear of meat but this can’t draw in anybody.

  2. Carrie B

    ‘Tis the season for some meat parts,
    falalala, lalalala
    Then see us to fix your see parts,
    falalala, lalala… la!

    That’s… Weird.

  3. Anne

    Sad, but I know exactly which display this is…they usually have displays that make no sense, but this one is taking it to a new level!

    Great to run into you two at lunch last weekend. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Yelli

    Love this! The optical shop had some pretty crazy displays that I passed everyday on the way in Berlin to work but this one takes the bacon! Love! :)

  5. Mom

    O, holy cow… I do like the festive mallets and Merry Beefmas is making me laugh every time I say it. They must have a link to Lady Gaga.


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