Italian Grocery Roadtrip Price Comparison

Superfino Carnaroli Risotto RiceWe did a road trip down to Northern Italy in December 2012 primarily to visit the grocery store(s) there. We ate like royalty in a fantastic agriturismo and spent the day with the best weather of the weekend exploring cute towns in the area…but to be honest, those are just perks. The whole point was to stock up on wine from Castello di Roncade and supplies — hopefully cheaper or of better quality or variety — for the coming year. Along the way down, as we approached our destination, we made note of signs for hypermarkets and followed up on them using the WiFi in our room. We settled on the Iper in Castelfranco as the closest in the area.

Hmm. How’d we do?

Item Castelfranco Regensburg
Risotto rice (kg):
flour for pasta-making (kg):
Tipo 00
dried pasta (500g):
Olive oil (L):
Various medium-grade local and house brands €3,45
€4,83 (in a 3-l jug)
Cheeses (kg):
Grana Padano (10 months)
Bella Lodi
€9,99-11,99 €19,00

Okay, so we can see that olive oil was not such a big win, price-wise. But we loved perusing the selection and choosing between cold-pressed cloudy unfiltered and extra frooty fancy foil-wrapped varieties. And the freshly-baked wood-fired oven pizzas and arancini at the in-house rosticceria and pizzeria were motivation enough to stop in, even without the bulk staple purchases. Can’t wait to see how those stack up against supplì later this week.

7 thoughts on “Italian Grocery Roadtrip Price Comparison”

  1. CN Heidelberg

    Ooh, this post makes me hungry.

    1. Sarah

      If you guys are doing a farewell tour and stop in Bayern, we’d be happy to feed you with some of our booty.

      That sounds revolting, but you know what I mean.

  2. Emily

    The lemon vinegar and lemon olive oil are my absolute favorites to bring back.

    If you make it to Munich once your supplies run out you should visit:
    Feinkost Spina: (… they have excellent produce, meats, cheeses, fresh pastas and pastries.
    Mitte Meer: (… they have a huge wine selection, fresh fish counter, and a wide array of frozen items from Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

    1. cliff1976

      Thanks for the tip; we’ll keep it in mind when we run out. But a road trip to Italy DOES sound more fun…

  3. Cathy

    Hello, my fellow grocery store tourist! Hope we could do it together sometime, since i am a real spaz at shopping.

    1. cliff1976

      What destinations do you have in mind? Today we want to find a grocery store in Rome, but so far all we’ve found are little bodega-type places.

  4. krishwala

    There’s an Italian market here in Nürnberg that has comparable prices. Props to you for calculating the price difference. I’m too lazy for that. :)

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