Bridging the Gap into Spring



Finally, a little sunlight for Regensburg this weekend! This winter has felt particularly dark and dreary. It doesn’t seem to be just my impression — I’ve had work stress and family stress (thanks all for the kind words of support), but EVERYONE we talked to seems to be down in the dumps. But maybe the bright sun today will help counteract that.

The renovation work on the bridge is apparently moving along as well. So much so that we got a little surprise late in February — the auxiliary bridge suddenly was closed to pedestrian and bike traffic upon my return from a business trip. But it should be back in working order soon.

In the meantime, let’s hope for more days like these.


4 thoughts on “Bridging the Gap into Spring”

  1. shoreacres

    What an attractive view. It’s easy to imagine how pretty it will be once real spring comes. We’re wishing for more gray, damp, rainy days, but not getting them. It’s always something.

    I’ve got all the ingredients for your pan pizza now. I’ve not so much need for the algebra and geometry, though, as I have one 10″ skillet and will be halving the recipe. Even math-impaired me can handle that.

    1. cliff1976

      Guten Appetit, shoreacres!

      We loved it and were so happy to find someone else — several parties, really — did all the legwork on the different parts (no-knead dough, sauce, pan and bake time trial and error) and shared it on the web. I just wish it would have been a tiny bit crispier on the bottom crust, so next time we’re going to finish the pie with direct heat from the stovetop.

  2. Tammy

    Hey, your walkway is back, but they are closing the ramp from our island soon. If you are on wheels, you need to go over to Stad am Hoff or go over the Eisenersteg to get across. Otherwise, they have put up some rickety looking steps on scaffolding for pedestrians that went up next to the Alte Linde.

    1. cliff1976

      Oh wow, we saw that rickety metal scaffolding-looking staircase coming from the Alte Linde area and figured there’s no way that could be intended for pedestrians. Yikes. Good to know for the bikers and stroller-pushing crowd — thanks!

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