Nearly Every Evening

Puerto Vallarta Bahia de Banderas

Puerto Vallarta Bahia de Banderas

Chilling Out in Puerto Vallarta Bahia de Banderas

check it out bro


…looks like this. Including the goofy guy experimenting with his flash bouncing around the balcony.

We haven’t done much outside the condo complex yet, aside from a couple grocery runs and a trip downtown for lunch and trinket shopping on one of the overcast afternoons. Apparently it’s been cooler and cloudier here than normal; next-door neighbors here since November asked if we brought that weather with us from Germany. I hate to think so!

Soon my parents will be arriving and I’m sure we’ll find some less lazy ways to spend our remaining time here. But the lazy feels awfully nice, too.

One thought on “Nearly Every Evening”

  1. Tammy

    Love the flash tests. Looks like you are standing in front of a green screen. Hope you have a great time!

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