Feeling crabby? Come to Puerto Vallarta.

Either the sun will cheer you up (like it has us), or you’ll be in good company. These guys live up the beach from us about 5 minutes.
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Or maybe these familiar grocery store items will bring a smile:

CRACKETS Zucaritas

And if all else fails, lay out by the pool and watch the birds:


5 thoughts on “Feeling crabby? Come to Puerto Vallarta.”

  1. The Accidental Expat

    I hesitate to bring this up if only because this place looks like a fratbag/tourista kind of place… but there is a restaurant named, ahem, Nacho Daddy in PV, who hosts Tex-Mex “neuvo wavo” trash rock legend Joe “King” Carrasco 2x a week. Geezers like me remember Joe King’s gloriously cheeseball videos in the early days of MTV (anybody remember IRS’ The Cutting Edge?” he was on the legendary Stiff Records label along with Elvis Costello and Madness, and I hold a special place for this guy because his show was the first one me and my friends got into with our crappy fake IDs, and Joe even hung out with us pimply high school punks afterwards– I still have his guitar pick somewhere.



    Have a good’un!


  2. You guys were so smart to high tail it outta here for a while so you could enjoy the sun & fun for a bit. Since it’s snowing here again, I’ll just let you know that us expats are very, very jealous. ;)


  3. Steven

    It’s not snowing in Regensburg, but it *did* get a bit colder again. It looks lovely where you are.

  4. The Accidental Expat

    Whoopsie, correction: Joe King Carrasco will be playing SXSW this week. As you were.

  5. cliff1976

    TAE: We saw the Nacho Daddy joint this week while out scouting for a restaurant. My dad said it’s just okay in terms of the food — nothing special. Fortunately, there are plenty of recommendations available around here for good eats. And to be honest, I kind of hate eating anywhere I’d have to yell to be heard over the music — live or not. I’m a curmudgeon that way.

    Tiffany and Steven: thanks — it’s pretty great here and we’re sorry to head home tomorrow. Even if the sun has been kind of spotty a couple days during this trip, I’ve still never needed pants. Shorts, tee shirts, and sandals are the dress code for me. And finally they’ll stop mistaking me for this guy upon my return to the office.

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