Two MORE great tastes that taste great together

My awesome wife raided the freezer to pull out our last remaining tub of frozen rhubarb compote and apply it as a topping to a lemon mascarpone gelato she found and executed last week. The gelato was pretty good at the time, but five days later, the flavors intensified pleasantly.

It can’t be long now, before rhubarb starts dominating the farmer’s market scene. Please, don’t let it be long now. Our frozen little tubs of compote have lasted almost the whole year, providing us with toppings for our crêpes and the tangy flavor in the batter of Rhubarb Sour Cream Cake.

We need fresh stocks stalks to sound the death knell of this winter.

2 thoughts on “Two MORE great tastes that taste great together”

  1. shoreacres

    Not a lick of decent fresh rhubarb in coastal Texas – but I might use whatever’s available to try that cake.

    Growing up in Iowa, we had huge rhubarb and asparagus patches. The rhubarb leaves made splendid hats for little girls. ;)

  2. Sarah

    I never ate rhubarb as a kid. The first time I had it as an adult, it wasn’t adequately sweetened and had a strangely…meaty edge. So I thought it wasn’t for me. Glad I got over that.

    There’s a very similar Plum Cake recipe, if you’re hurting for a fruity baking project. It’s still kind of early for rhubarb.

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