Having some bridge work done

The work on Regensburg’s iconic Stone Bridge (“die steinerne Brücke”) trudges on. They must have made some major progress while we were out of the country, waiting out the winter. Now the auxiliary pedestrian bridge has been extended significantly and there’s another section of the old bridge closed off for work. I spotted this machine Do NOT mess with this machine, whatever it is!  Look at those TEETH!  Cobblestones are its favorite breakfast!lurking near the edge of the covered bit, just seething at the thought of any cobblestones taking root. It reminds me of something out of a post-apocalyptic movie. But I’m sure it’s a sign of better days to come for our nearly-900-year-old bridge.

Exposed BridgeThey’ve been pretty thorough smoothing out the surface here, preparing it for whatever comes next. It’s hard to see what’s been happening under the enclosure.

Heavy equipment near Alte Linde

Now that they’ve ripped up the part of the bridge leading down to Müllerstraße and Alte Linde, you can see that they’re still much less than half way across the bridge. Well, no surprise — we read somewhere a couple years ago that this was to be a 5-year project.

Stairway from HeavenSo, if you need to get up from the Oberer Wöhrd into Stadtamhof or the Altstadt, you better be able to handle a temporary staircase — wonder how long that’s going to be in place.

first rhubarb spotting of the seasonIn other news, rhubarb is here, looking too nice to have come from Germany. I suspect it’s an import from some region who knows what time of year it is. We’re waiting for the local crop to arrive before we start getting excited. At this rate, it could be May before we start to get Springy weather!

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  1. shoreacres

    Quite amazing, really, how much your bridge construction resembles our road construction sites. Well, except you have far nicer surroundings. All we have lining our roads and clustered around our bridges are strip malls and tacky filling stations. Ah, well.

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