Bridge Report, April 2013

That's a lot longer than I expected.
That’s a lot longer than I expected.
The bridge saga continues. Maybe it’s because I’ve been working like a dog on a big project at work and struggling to keep the metaphorical ship afloat, but I didn’t realize that the part of the bridge project concerning the ramp leading down to Müllerstraße was slated for 9 months. Last weekend while the weather was so nice (and the island was suddenly deluged with sunbathing grillers and other assorted chillers out), this part of the bridge magically transformed into a bike parking lot. I’m pleased that as of late last summer at least, my favorite island grill spot was apparently still unknown. Let’s hope it stays that way.

On the riverbank in the shadow of the auxiliary bridge, it would appear that someone has very carefully planted nice neat rows of daffodils, some of which may have been fooled by that all that glorious sun leading up to yesterday. Fortunately, it looks like a younger (wiser?) patch of them is still holding out for that most elusive of seasons, Spring.

3 thoughts on “Bridge Report, April 2013”

  1. TravelingServiceMan

    I’m not a fan of that pedestrian bridge. Trixie just about got run over by a cyclist when I was walking back today, they came bombing around the corner and must have assumed I was walking in the middle to leave space for them and couldn’t see that the reason was because I had Trixie between me and the railing!

    1. cliff1976

      It’s a pedestrian bridge and no one is supposed to be operating any vehicles — machine- or human-powered — on it.

      I am annoyed sometimes by bikers on it when I am on foot. When I ride my bike on it, I am careful to never overtake any foot traffic. Often I half-dismount (standing with left foot still on the pedal, right foot tucked behind it pushing) to show any Ordnungsämter lurking that I am not to be counted among those openly violating the Fahrradverbot.

      Hope Trixie’s okay!

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