Flowers and Parking Lot Construction

Those “smarter” flowers from my previous post on local municipal projects are dark purple tulips.

Tulips, Daffodils and Child

We took a closer look at what’s going on at the construction site on the parking lot, where the Donaumarkt used to be. I’m still not sure what’s going on there at that site, except that

  1. The buildings at the south end have been in disrepair and various stages of disassembly for pretty much the whole time we lived here.
  2. There’s some kind of controversy about a subsidiary of the City of Regensburg developing the area (for real estate projects? For energy-producing/saving facilities? I’m not entirely sure.).
  3. Whatever they’ve uncovered under that parking lot looks pretty old. Maybe that’s holding up the works. It wouldn’t be the first time for us: the Parkhaus Dachauplatz turned up pieces of the the city wall from Roman times.

Princess Cruise, sortaAnd, it looks like our local nobility (now?) has a boat named after herself, the Fürstin Gloria:

3 thoughts on “Flowers and Parking Lot Construction”

  1. shoreacres

    That boat looks much like the dinner cruise boats that roam our lake. There are three – two are smaller, and are often used for weddings and such. The big one can be chartered for corporate events. They all come down the fairway outside my apartment to turn around before heading back to the lake. Drunken revelry usually seems to be the order of the evening.It certainly looks like an archaeological dig in a couple of those photos. I really do love that about Europe. The first time I saw Roman ruins was in London, and it was such a remarkable experience. Eventually I got to Germany, and still remember arriving in Dornhan in the midst of quite a party. Turns out they were celebrating the town’s birthday – 1100 years, I believe. Amazing.

    1. cliff1976

      There are usually a few of that type of boat hanging round. Some are local, carrying visitors to the Walhalla memorial downstream a bit and back, or the longer-haul cruise liners linking Budapest to Amsterdam via the Danube, Rhein, and connecting canals. Regensburg is a big stop for those boats; in high season there can be as many as five of them docked at once. I used to ride my bike along the river banks to work to avoid stoplights in town, but got too frustrated by the throngs of North American senior citizens crowding the path, utterly unaware that they are thwarting my efforts at a lower-stress commute.

      1. shoreacres

        Interesting about the Walhalla. Thanks for adding the extra detail!

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