Back in the (tiny) saddle

It seems we’ve finally bested the pestilence! We’re starting to feel like humans again, but all that down-time was not without merit. Despite feeling like moving around outside the apartment was beyond our capabilities, we more or less hammered out the rest of our travel year. We’ve had a trip to see my folks in Kansas City scheduled for a while, but July and on was completely open. For us, that’s a bit like staring into the abyss. So we fixed it.

In August, we’re going to go visit these stylish specimens on their turf: shetland-ponies-in-sweaters

After that, we’ll probably be working on WEBMU planning. My hopes are for Prague in early October, but we’ll have to see what the consensus is. prague

Got any can’t-miss experiences in the Shetland Islands to share? Preferences in Prague to post? Feel free to share in the comments! We could use some tips.

4 thoughts on “Back in the (tiny) saddle”

  1. Sarah Stäbler

    Haha love those ponies in sweaters!Are we going to put WEBMU to a vote at some point? Exciting stuff! I wouldn’t mind Prague either. I’ve never been there before!

    1. Sarah

      Hi Sarah,

      I announced on May 20th on the Facebook page that Prague is the only option getting any traction on the discussion thread and there don’t seem to be any other candidates. If you want to support Prague or suggest something else, take a look in the forums.

  2. shoreacres

    My gosh! I’ve known Shetland ponies and Shetland sweaters, but never in my wildest imagination did I put the two together.Funny – my last surviving close family’s in Kansas City. They’re trying to entice me up in late June, but that’s not my favorite travel time. I get a little nervous being gone during hurricane season.

  3. Yelli

    We loved Prague!!! Our favorite place was a brewery called Pivovrsky Dum. It was a bit far from the usual tourist things but a couple stops on the trolley was no problem. It had a great variety of beer (unusual in Prague) and great food. Make sure to make reservations!

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