On the wings of … wait, what?

Sarah and I rented a car this weekend to head up to Hirschau for the Annual Jentry‘s Throwin’ A Party! party. (This is the same party as last year around this time, to which I now refer as The Toenail Party). We rented a car from Sixt, who have conveniently moved to a mere 15-minute walk from our apartment. We showed up, signed off, and checked out the car.

I was poring over the list of documented dings, dents, and scratches when I stumbled upon a word I’d never seen before. Thanks to German being such a fan of compound words, and having acquired a decent vocabulary in most of the last decade, it’s not often (anymore) that I encounter a stumper. But this one threw me:


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Symphony in the Flint Hills at Fort Riley, KS

For my MIL’s birthday we flew into town to spend about a week hanging out in the town where Sarah grew up, spending some time with family and friends.

For her birthday, MIL’s SIL got her six tickets to the Symphony in the Flint Hills — that meant we got to come along. Continue reading Symphony in the Flint Hills at Fort Riley, KS

Flood Update or Batten 2: Keep on Battenin’

For everyone asking about us: we’re fine. Our apartment has a couple inches of standing water in the basement that they pumped out and it seems to have returned. This isn’t actually that big a deal in the short term, as we don’t use our basement for anything. Other than that, the biggest impact of the flooding on our daily lives is on transportation. Bus service is disrupted at our nearest bus stops and roads that we most frequently use are closed. So far, we’re doing pretty well.

That said, four more days of rain are in the forecast. So things might still get hairy. The flood waters are receding very slowly, so more rain might do a lot of damage.

Update: the state of emergency has been lifted for our area and the waters are still dropping. I’ve added some photos I took yesterday.