Batten Down the Hatches

How high’s the water, mama? As of this morning, just about 6 meters high and rising.

It’s getting higher all the time, and not expected to drop any time soon. The emergency flood barriers are coming out and even the beloved Weenie Shack has its shields up. The City of Regensburg advises moving parked cars out of parking lots and underground garages near the riverbanks, and preparing basements for flooding. more info > about the new garages being put up. Beyond that, it’s COLD. Highs in the low 50s°F. I guess I retired my winter jacket to the attic storage too early this year.

Edit: Here are some pics from the last little bit of daylight yesterday evening.

We heard from a friend that a crest was expected around 1:00 this morning. However, the BavarianFlood Information Service makes it look like we’re in for still more rising action (as of about 05:00 this morning).


Click on this link ( to get a fresh reading.

7 thoughts on “Batten Down the Hatches”

  1. Sarah Stäbler

    Wow! No kidding. Does that happen often?I agree with you on the winter coat thing. This morning we woke up early to go to the Fischmarkt and it was only 50ºF + wind. Brrrr!

    1. cliff1976

      The flood barriers have come out three times now in our tenure on the island in the middle of the Danube since 2009. Before that, we lived in the Altstadt and never noticed them on this side of the bridge, though we have feared for the Weenie Shack a few times between 2004 and 2009 when its inflatable barricades have shown up. So I guess it’s a semi-regular occurrence.

      As opposed to this wintry start to June!

  2. TravelingServiceMan

    They are betting on this being a record flood. I’m sure glad we bought the house on the hill with view of the valley rather than the ther way around :-).

    1. cliff1976

      On days like today, that sure seems a smarter investment!

  3. shoreacres

    Oh, my gosh! That looks rather like San Antonio last week. We got not a drop, and there were flash floods all over the Texas Hill Country. Those go down rather quickly, though. This is looking just a touch more long-lived.And what’s with that 50 degree business? If it were 65 I’d be envious, but that’s a little low for this time of year. Well, at least you don’t have tornadoes!

    1. cliff1976

      This is looking just a touch more long-lived. And what’s with that 50 degree business?

      It’s been building up for the past week — all of Germany’s been covered by rain clouds, steadily dumping on us. At times this past week it’s been a mere drizzle, at others torrential. But it’s been wet the whole time, with just a little teaser break from it on Saturday morning while out grocery shopping.

      The 50° business is just insult to injury.

  4. Snooker In Berlin

    Wow! That is some threatening water!
    Last night as we were watching the news I turned to Sweet No and wondered how Regensburg was doing. Looks like “Rainy Hill” has been suffering from other rainy cities further up the Donau.
    Stay dry, you two!

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