Flood Update or Batten 2: Keep on Battenin’

For everyone asking about us: we’re fine. Our apartment has a couple inches of standing water in the basement that they pumped out and it seems to have returned. This isn’t actually that big a deal in the short term, as we don’t use our basement for anything. Other than that, the biggest impact of the flooding on our daily lives is on transportation. Bus service is disrupted at our nearest bus stops and roads that we most frequently use are closed. So far, we’re doing pretty well.

That said, four more days of rain are in the forecast. So things might still get hairy. The flood waters are receding very slowly, so more rain might do a lot of damage.

Update: the state of emergency has been lifted for our area and the waters are still dropping. I’ve added some photos I took yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Flood Update or Batten 2: Keep on Battenin’”

  1. ian in hamburg

    It’s 2002 all over again, including descriptions of Jahrhundertwasser, etc. The Elbe is already starting to look like a repeat too. Hate to tell you how beautiful it’s been up north here for the past few days…

  2. shoreacres

    It’s good to hear you’ve been inconvenienced more than damaged by all this. Clearly, many people aren’t so lucky. Your mention of the wet basement brought back plenty of memories. When I was growing up in Iowa, the basement of our new house had some problems when it rained, even though we were ringed by corn fields, not rivers. Several contractors offered to solve the problem for several thousands of dollars. My dad preferred simple solutions, and raising things off the floor, a sump pump and a dehumidifier did just fine.Hope that rain stays away. I’ve seen photos from other areas that resemble yours. The fact that US papers are publishing them attests to the severity. ;-)

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