Herbstdult 2013

Seems everyone is ready for this weird summer to be over. One more week of Dult, and then we’ll know for sure we’re in Autumn Mode. Sarah and I went out with some friends to celebrate their anniversary. Click the pictures to embiggen them if you like.

Hahnzelt 2013

Sarah Herbstdult 2013

Clff & Sarah at the Herbstdult 2013

OTW home afterward

7 thoughts on “Herbstdult 2013”

  1. Sarah Stäbler

    So cool that you guys have the traditional clothing! Fabulous!!

    Looks like fun!

    1. cliff1976

      Oh, it is! My favorite though: go late morning or early afternoon, when it’s not so crowded, and the oompah bands are playing. Or the accordion club from the school around the bend in the river, or whatever.

      There’s more action at night, but I can only hold out so long. I’d rather share a table and raise a glass with a random traditional Oma and Opa and be able to hear my friends.

  2. CN Heidelberg

    OMG Sarah, your hair is so lovely! Did you do it yourself?

    1. Sarah

      Thanks! It was really easy: make high pigtails, braid ’em (nothing fancy), cross ’em over the top and pin the ends in. It turned out better than I thought it would.

  3. Steven

    You guys look great!

    (Yes, I know this was weeks ago. I’m still a little behind.)

    1. cliff1976

      Thanks Steven!

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