Mac OS X 10.8.5 update breaks Skype video

Apple_logo_black.svgSkype_logo.svgI updated to the most recent version of the operating system on our Mac laptop a day or two ago. Suddenly, Skype stopped recognizing our built-in Facetime video camera.

I googled around for a bit and quickly found that other users were reporting the same symptoms.

Here‘s where I found the fix. Basically using an older version of a plugin — from before the latest OS upgrade — allows Skype to recognize and use the Facetime camera again. If you read the forum entries, you can see the suggestion is to grab that file out of your own Time Machine backups from before the upgrade. A kind soul posted the file there for download in case you’re not backing up your Mac with Time Machine.

I renamed the existing plugin first, and then copied the newer plugin file into the /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL directory, logged myself out completely, logged in again, and lo and behold — it worked.

If this is an attempt by Apple to interfere with Microsoft’s Skype software in favor of their own Facetime software, then boo. But the sweet irony is that their own Time Machine software saves the day for the Skype-video-calling Mac user.

3 thoughts on “Mac OS X 10.8.5 update breaks Skype video”

  1. tammy

    Oh, good to know. Thanks for this, I may be referring back to it!

  2. Sarah Stäbler

    Ohh, thanks for this! I haven’t updated yet but it’s really good to know!

  3. cliff1976

    For those still looking for help after yet another Mac OS X update, here‘s a fix for the fix.

    Basically you restore the plugin that you originally overwrote, reboot and apply this supplemental update to OS X 10.8.5, specifically intended to remedy FaceTime HD camera problems in non-native apps (among a few other problems it fixes).

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