Next phase near for Steinerne Brücke?

Looks like we’re getting closer! Compare the week before last with last week.

Couple weeks ago

We’ve got sidewalls up now on the northernmost one-third or so of the bridge.


The surface on the section leading down to the Oberer Wöhrd looks nearly done — still needs some guardrail work, of course.


Maybe they’ll be able to ditch this staircase again soon.PA127015_s

Oh, so remember those oddly coffin-sized cut-outs in the bridge supports from a few posts back?  I think it’s safe to say they’re going to be the base supports for the next section of auxiliary pedestrian bridge.PA127016_s

Here the numbering on the stones is more visible than last time.


I sure hope the intention is to dismantle the auxiliary pedestrian bridge on our end (the north side) and reopen that section of main bridge before the next section of auxiliary bridge goes into service. It’s just barely tolerable now with the tourism traffic as it is — a bottleneck on both the Stadtamhof and Regensburg sides of the bridge would make me want to jump off it.

Last week

Oh look, here’s something new:

nearly flooded

bridge supports on the main bridge

bridge supports upright and waiting

Those are going to be supports for the auxiliary pedestrian bridge. Pretty lucky that they don’t have to sink new ones into the river and anchor them down there, but rather can just build off the existing ones. Looks like they got the concrete coffins in just before the rain picked up again and otherwise would have flooded the “graves.”

3 thoughts on “Next phase near for Steinerne Brücke?”

  1. shoreacres

    Interesting to see how they’re doing the pedestrian bridge. Thanks for the update – fun to see things progressing along.

    I’m in Council Grove tonight – the next three days I’ll be anchored in Matfield Green. Pioneer Bluff, Matfield Station, Tallgrass Prairie and etc. Wonderful fun – thinking about how foolish it would be to get tickets for next year’s concert. Still tempting, even though there’s no predicting how things will be months hence.

  2. Steven

    I’m really glad I got a lot of good pictures of the bridge while it was still naked. It won’t look quite right again before my time in Germany is finished.

    1. cliff1976

      Yeah, it’s going to be ugly for a long time! We remember when busses and taxis could still drive on it, and when the OTHER tower on the Dom was wearing the, um, protection (and the middle period where both looked nice for the papal visit).

      I hope it doesn’t lose any old school flavor through the renovation, though I have my doubts. The new stone guard rails near the ramp down to Alte Linde don’t convey World Cultural Heritage monument at all.

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