Flensburg, Frankfurt, Friedrichshafen: Germany from North to South in one week

It’s been a busy week. We’ve been at both ends of the country, and I’ve been in the middle on a training trip, and all three destinations start with the letter ‘F.’ I don’t think that means anything, but it does seem a weird coincidence.


We took advantage of the All Saints Day holiday on November in Catholic Bavaria to put our car through a real road trip test. A pal from Munich rode the train up Thursday night for an early Friday morning departure from Regensburg. Why Flensburg? Other pals formerly in Munich recently relocated there, and it’s a part of the country we’d had no experience in: the Bundesland Schleswig-Holstein. We explored the downtown area by night, checked out the Glücksburg castle and the Holnis peninsula, and even crossed the border into Denmark for a hotdog (we’d heard they were particularly good there — and they were, even from just a roadside stand). While there, we spotted some kite surfers taking advantage of the blustery weather.


Not much to say here: I rode in via Deutsche Bahn for a one-day training seminar and got out of there as soon as I could. I like public transport in the bigger cities (Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, etc.). Taking the S-Bahn or U-Bahn to get me back and forth between the Hauptbahnhof and the outlying destinations feels so much more cosmopolitan than Regensburg’s modest — but perfectly adequate — bus system.


We piled into the car as quickly as possible after work on Friday and set out for Bad Schussenried, where Sarah’s choir is doing their semi-annual Weekend Away. It’s a retreat for the choir, orchestra, and big band, and one of very few opportunities they have to rehearse together as a large group in advance of their upcoming concerts. The last couple of weekends away have been in a youth hostel and conference center here. It brought back a lot of memories of my orientation weeks in the summer of 1992 at the start of my year abroad in Germany. I tagged along this time (usually I get a bachelor weekend out of it) for giggles. On a sunny Saturday morning I drove from Bad Schussenried to Friedrichshafen, on the German side of Lake Constance, known in German as der Bodensee, just because I could. I parked centrally quite near the Zeppelin Museum. Admission was 8€ for adults and included lots of original Zeppelin hardware and also reconstructions. There were plenty of original objects to touch and play with — good for younger visitors and the more haptically-inclined grown-up visitors alike. Climbing around inside a mock-up between lounges and lavatories and berths was neat. I particularly liked the introductory video included with the museum admission showing the rise of the dirigible as a viable transportation means, culminating in the Hindenburg disaster. Another big plus: photography is allowed as long as you don’t use your flash.

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  1. shoreacres

    Wonderful traveling you’ve done. If I had to pick one destination from all you mention, it would be the Zeppelin Museum. Those things always have fascinated me. We have one of their near cousins that floats around our sky from time to time, and there’s an old WWII blimp base about 30 miles away. Only the skeleton is left now. It looks rather like a beached whale and confuses passersby on a regular basis.

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