The Advent of the New Pedestrian Bridge Segment

Big progress to report in bridge news! The third* segment of auxiliary bridge looks like it’s going to be ready for foot traffic very soon.

We noticed this on Saturday, on our way into the Lucrezia Markt, Regensburg’s somewhat hippy, artsy Christmas market. I enjoyed a Lammbratwurstsemmel and from the same shack we got the best Reiberdatschi we’ve ever had at a Christmas market.

The rest of the town is in full Christmas Schwung — won’t be long now until it’s all over and we’re just cold and dark again.

*since the project began something like three years ago.

8 thoughts on “The Advent of the New Pedestrian Bridge Segment”

  1. shoreacres

    Hooray for bridge progress, but hooray even more for fun times at the holidays. I’m not sure what that thingie is with the herbed sour cream, but I’ll take one.

    Are those garlands across the street in the Ludwigstrasse black and red? Are those traditional Christmas colors, or are they German colors? I need to go refresh my memory about the flag. I think it’s red, yellow and black. We’ll see.

    Much talk there in the news about Euromaidan and all that? I spent a good bit of time last week watching live video feeds. It’s really quite interesting, and not a word on US media. Apparently a few of our politicians went over to grandstand, but nothing here.

    1. cliff1976

      Hey, shoreacres! That thingie is basically a potato pancake, or hash brown patty. It’s shredded potatoes and onions and a little flour shallow-fried in vegetable oil or fat on a griddle until crispy and delicious. They are a traditional Eastern European (particularly Ashkenazi Jewish) delight. Here’s our recipe:

      The garlands are dark green and red, traditional Christmas colors. The German flag is three horizontal stripes: black, red, and yellow. It has quite a history:

      There has been some media coverage of the Euromaidan, but we are notoriously poorly informed: we don’t watch much TV, usually read U.S. or British news websites, and only take our car out on weekends or for road trips (plus, the music on German radio is simply awful for our tastes, so we are not inspired to listen to the radio outside of the car, either). I heard mention of it (the Euromaidan) last week while on a business trip, but was unaware of the duration of the protests and intensity of government counter-protest actions until I looked it up on Wikipedia just now.

  2. Tammy

    Have they opened the ramp to our island yet? Enjoy the markets. We’ll make a date to go with you at next year’s markets when we will be in Regensburg!

    1. cliff1976

      Not yet, Tammy. The ramp has been re-paved and finally there are guardrails up along side it, so it looks ready for usage or close to it, but they’ve not re-opened it yet. Still got that ersatz metal staircase thing going on there.

      Safe travels!

      1. cliff1976

        I stand corrected, Tammy: tonight we saw that “your” bridge is open for business again. Here is a shot of the Katharinenspitalmarkt I took from it:

        New Alte Linde Bridge

  3. Steven

    Oooh, bridge progress! I suspect that I won’t be able to walk on the bridge for most of my last months here. I should make a point of going over it a few times this weekend…

    Also, I had no idea that the different Regensburg markets all had names!

  4. Onie

    Nice to see other English speakers in the area…Regensburg is a great city and one of my favorites in Germany we are lucky to live in the area and this winter it has been a pleasure going to the markets with the relatively mild weather so far!

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