Bridge Work Update February 2014

Finally had nice weather today in Regensburg. I can’t remember the last time I needed sunglasses. I was glad to have them today while out grocery shopping.

Regensburg Stone Bridge Update 2014-02-22

The bridge work appears to have stalled again — there is nothing new to report since last time, except that that new segment of auxiliary bridge is in operation now. You can see it in the picture above; there are only three unused trestles left now. Once those are supporting walkers1 as well, the whole stretch of bridge from the South shore to the North shore will be closed off.

I wonder, since the rampy part leading down to what we call Tammy‘s Island has been completed since around the time the Christmas markets closed up shop for the year. If you can walk up the ramp adjoining the West side of the original bridge, how will they let you cross its width, ostensibly under construction, to get to the wood-and-steel auxiliary bridge stretched out parallel to its East side?

Oh well, a mystery to be revealed, I guess.

  1. And not bikers, right? No ever rides a bike on the Fußgängerbrücke, right? []

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  1. shoreacres

    When I first came to Houston in 1973, they were “working on” the Gulf Freeway that connects the city to Galveston. They’re still working on it. Different sections, to be sure – and many new overpasses and such – but still… That’s forty years of construction. Hope yours is completed sooner than that!

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